Panel upgrade

Panel Upgrade

We place a customer’s original panel into a new enclosure.

Then organized the cables, replace damaged cable, optimized panel wiring. We also correct mistakes and mismatches in the drawing customer provided.

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) electrical panel upgrade involves the replacement or enhancement of an existing PLC panel to improve its functionality, performance, and safety. Over time, the need for updates and improvements may arise due to technological advancements, changes in requirements, or wear and tear of equipment.

We perform some or all of the following when upgrading a PLC electrical panel:

    1. Assessment and Planning: Begin by assessing the existing PLC panel and the system it controls. Identify the reasons for the upgrade, whether it’s due to outdated technology, increased capacity needs, reliability concerns, or safety compliance requirements. Plan the upgrade by determining the necessary changes, new components, and the overall project scope.
    2. Backup and Documentation: Before making any changes, ensure to take a complete backup of the existing PLC program and configuration. This backup is essential as it allows you to revert to the previous state in case of any issues during the upgrade. Additionally, document the existing system’s configuration, wiring, and connections to aid in the upgrade process.
    3. Selection of New PLC and Components: Choose a suitable PLC model and any required new components that align with the upgraded system’s requirements. This may include selecting PLCs with higher processing power, increased input/output (I/O) capacity, improved communication protocols, and additional features.
    4. Panel Design and Fabrication: Design a new electrical panel layout to accommodate the upgraded PLC and other components. The new design should consider factors such as proper ventilation, cable management, and compliance with safety standards. Fabricate the new panel or modify the existing one to fit the new components.
    5. Rewiring and Installation: Remove the old PLC and components from the existing panel and carefully disconnect the wiring. Install the new PLC and other components according to the panel design. Properly route and connect the wires, replacing damaged cables, and ensuring correct terminal connections and appropriate wire sizes.
    1. Programming and Configuration: Transfer the backup of the original PLC program to the new PLC. Depending on the hardware and software differences, some modifications to the code might be required to ensure compatibility and take advantage of new features. Configure the PLC settings, communication parameters, and I/O mapping as necessary.
    2. Testing and Commissioning: Thoroughly test the new PLC system to ensure that it functions correctly and meets the desired performance criteria. This testing involves functional testing of the control logic, verification of input/output signals, communication tests, and safety checks. Make any necessary adjustments and retesting if issues are identified.
    3. Documentation and Training: Update the system documentation, including the new PLC program and panel layout. Provide training to the relevant personnel who will be operating and maintaining the upgraded system.
    4. Safety and Compliance: Ensure that the upgraded panel complies with all applicable safety standards and regulations. This may involve safety interlocks, emergency stops, and other safety measures to protect personnel and equipment.
    5. Maintenance and Support: After the upgrade is complete, establish a maintenance and support plan to monitor the system’s performance and promptly address any issues that may arise.

    It’s crucial to carry out the PLC electrical panel upgrade with the assistance of qualified personnel. This is why we employ electrical engineers, automation specialists, and certified technicians, to ensure the safety and reliability of the upgraded system. Additionally, we may involve the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or our distributors in selecting the right components and ensuring a successful upgrade.

    Panel upgrade
    Panel upgrade